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support the CT scene

(taken from the site)
The Story... Mission Statement if you will:
For a Better Tomorrow was founded in May 2003 after the announcement of the closing of Connecticut’s own, The El N Gee (www.elngee.com). We realized that with this loss, there is no real venue in Connecticut to have underground and local music shows. We decided it was time to give something back to the culture that we love so much, and open a club to somehow try and fill the void left by the loss of the El N Gee. We chose the name For a Better Tomorrow because this task will not be accomplished overnight. This process is going to take perseverance, unity and dedication if we are going to accomplish OUR GOAL: to have a club in Connecticut where we can showcase all forms of music, from rock, metal, punk, pop-punk, hardcore or ska. There will be no profit made by any member of FaBT. All funds acquired through benefit shows and fundraisers will be directly inserted into a savings account, and all financial records will be kept public to anyone who requests to see them. Again, we are doing this to give back to the culture we love so much, and have no personal gain in mind.

For more info please go to http://www.forabettertomorrow.cjb.net/.
Thank you.

(p.s. - sorry for cross-posting)
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