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Hey there

Hey guys,

I'm John McKay, publicist for Greyfield and other Search and Rescue recording artists...

Greyfield have NOT broken up, contrary to rumors. They are, however, currently in "inactive" status, meaning they are not currently playing shows or recording material. They have been busy with school and personal lives lately, and promise to bring the rock in 04.

As you guys may have heard, Allan and Mike left the band for Trouble Is (now "Start Trouble). The band had replacements in Stephen and JP, but it appears as though the band is back to a twosome until they can find fill-ins that can handle being in a full-time touring band.

The band needs your support now more than ever, so people don't forget about them during this brief hiatus. Wear your Greyfield shirt to school, slap your Greyfield stickers on your car or notebooks, and if you don't have any wearable Greyfield swag, purchase some at :-)

You can also check out Allan and Mike in Start Trouble at There is no bad blood between the two bands in spite of the member change. This band has been getting some very positive press lately and have a CD out now on Sony/Columbia Records.

So hopefully this will put an end to much of the speculation that has plagued the band since the lineup uncertainties arose, and I encourage you to check out the other Search and Rescue Records bands and releases. We have a new album by The Chiodos Bros slated in early 2004, and a new full length by Fifteen Minutes Fast in stores now. Also available is a split 7" vinyl single with Mae (Tooth and Nail Records) and Modern Dance (a great band from Virginia). And of course, the Chiodos Bros' debut album, "The Heartless Control Everything" is also available. 2004 is the year to rock, my friends, and hopefully Greyfield will be leading the way. \m/

Oh yeah, The Chiodos Bros and Fifteen Minutes Fast will be playing all over the US during the early part of '04 -- do yourselves and the bands a favor and check them out! A fun time is in store for all!
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